Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April Update

So I thought I'd talk about my process a little bit. When I wrote this story I started it with note cards that had ideas to touch on and scenes to write scratched on them. I shuffled them around to make a story-line and added more as the story went. This lead to the bare bones, and I mean BARE BONES, of a story. This is the strategy that got me from beginning to end. Where people outline, I start writing with ideas on things to touch on and let the story become its own. After finishing this process, the details in between need touched up and adjusted.

The first round of re-writes was where I printed the bare bones out and wrote in changes, new scenes, adjustments, and so much more. The story grows in size and starts to take on life as I fleshed out some moments between the characters and even gave more depth to the characters.

After this, I typed the huge round of changes into my document. This was like a round of re-writes itself as I made a few more changes. I even fleshed things out a little more where I just had notes to make changes. I even left questions about things to look into.

That's where this round of re-writes comes in. See, my mind breaks the story into different levels. There's many things that feel important to touch on in; Christmas, personal, romance, and a worrying aspect. The romance and some personal touches were addressed in the first round of re-writes. The second brought more to my attention. So, this round is more adding and adjusting for the worrying aspect. And a touch of the Christmas one too. And... Well, it is on all the points too. lol. But I know the worry details need to be brought to life.

When I was trying to piece the worry aspect together, I came up with an idea. I just needed to see if what I was thinking could be done. This is where "I'll call a friend" comes in handy. I did just that, chatted about it, and came to a huge realization that could totally work! I even had a character I wrote in that I thought I'd have to eliminate along with a whole scene, it didn't feel connected to the rest of the story. But! My subconscious had another idea with adding this scene, I just had to figure out that piece. I did and I was so excited!

This all brings me to Camp NaNoWriMo. I know, a long path to tell you how I did. But It's the path I've been taking, for a few Camp NaNoWriMo's now. ;) This is where I want to add in the worry aspect I feel is needed more of.

How did Camp NaNoWriMo go?
I wanted to write 30 minutes a day. With life, it's what works best for me. I didn't think I could sign up for that so I started with the hours category. I was bummed that you have to do 30 hours in a month. But, while in my cabin chat I mentioned this. A fellow camper told me the minute option would work. And it did! I hurried to switch my goal to 900 minutes in a month, which would be 30 minutes a day.

I had some rocky days with life in full swing. Weekends, that use to be my writing time, has become hard to grab minutes with everyone home and all we are doing. But, I did it.

Goal:  900 minutes of re-writes
Accomplished:  901 minutes of re-writes

How far am I in my story?
Maybe half way. I'm guessing. I find it hard to figure out when working on the computer in Scrivener. I could do the math, I guess. takes time I don't want to spend on math. lol. I do feel I've fixed up and added items in that smooth scenes out. I do still have work ahead of me though.

I will note that I think working a half hour a day helps keep me going. I stay excited about what I'm working on and don't feel to be overwhelmed with what I'm working on or that other things are forgotten about (working full time and family, there is always something left in the dust). I get through a section, have time to think about it and how it relates in the book. When I come back I can add to it or move on. Sometimes I go longer because the scene takes me longer to get through. But I make notes and make adjustments that night and the next. This worked out really well for me as re-writes can be daunting.

Of course, this is NOT the end of re-writes. There's still a lot to iron out and make flow. There is more work to be done, but I feel that working on these different aspects and adding them in fills in the story and what I'm working towards. After all this, and some help from a friend, I can then iron out the special moments and make them spark.

Did you do Camp NaNoWriMo? How'd it go? What was your goal? Do you have a process for re-writes? Please, let me know in the comments.

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