Wednesday, October 4, 2017

August and September Update


I was on such a great roll. And then it all comes to an abrupt end.

By that statement you can probably guess I didn't get anything accomplished in the two months this post is for. True. I've been working on for-pay content editing work. And, somewhere along the way I got swept up in life and events happening. A wedding for a dear friend's daughter. Football season. And all sorts of things that go on from day to day. I've started diving into my photography which takes time as well. I've been going to free functions to practice and better my craft with the camera. Which all has left little time for writing.

I'm sitting at the beginning of October telling myself I will not do NaNoWriMo this year. I will not. (reminder for me) Reason, I've not planned out the next novel I plan to write. I can't dive into the next one without some guidance. I don't really outline, but I do have a direction in mind when I start. And I have a rather (RATHER) loose idea, but that's it. I will, however, work on edits.

We are four days into October and I've managed to get two hours in on typing in re-writes, and making other changes. I created a Goal Tracker for it on the NaNoWriMo website. (I totally love this new feature!)

Goal:  15 Hours of Re-writes for Christmas Spirit (at least, if done sooner I'll dive into more works).

I'm hoping for half an hour a day. If I get behind, I should be able to make up lost time on weekends. (cross your fingers) This will be the same plan for November, though hopefully more hours to work toward.

Here's to doing ALL THE THINGS! Have a great October!