Monday, July 11, 2016

The Story is Still Growing: May Update


In re-writes there are sections I work through and different thoughts pop into my head, some are good and seem are that it flows well (of course with touch ups). Other thoughts are like... Oh the holes. My goodness the plot holes, the character holes, the world holes. How on earth did I even think this?!?

Then the panic starts to set in. The worry and anxiety. I'll never fix it. I'll never get it to work together.

I have to stop myself. Remind myself. The story is still growing. It needs lots of work to get to a smooth flow and these are the pieces I need to find now. This is creating the whole of what I want to share.


Um... Where does the time go?! I didn't even realize June was passed until it was long gone. So needless to point out the obvious, but I will. Just so I admit it and face the cold truth. I got no new words in. No writing. No re-writes. Nothing.

But on the last day of the month I decided to join Camp NaNoWriMo to get re-writes done. My goal, to get through my steampunk story then move on to my 1st Christmas Business story.

Bring it on!

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