Friday, June 5, 2015

May Updates:

And where did May go!?!?

May was a quick month. It felt like it didn't even have 31 days in it. I did get to do some reading/re-writes on my current WIP, but nothing like I had hoped to accomplish.

As for the schedule... well, I didn't really stick to it as much as times and days. There are days that I did neither of blogging or writing because kiddo had a track meet or something going on with school and sports. Then there was Balticon and being down with a sinus infection (this one lingered as I'm still feeling the effects of it!). What I have done is if I blog one night, the next night I'm home I use for writing. And every evening about 9 o'clock is work time for my content editing clients.

So, we are into June now. And I'm determined to get through this WIP. My plan is to make small changes and adjust things. But others I'm making notes of what to add and where (if I know what section at that moment). I'll then print out the word document with all the changes to add in what I have noted so I can flip back and forth between pages. I'll then get on to Scrivener and make changes.

This is going to take time, so maybe by the end of July I'll have some chapters to send to a friend to read. Though it'll have to be someone that's kind and can walk me through what a mess I have.

That all being said, I don't have a word count to share as increasing. But I'm working to get back at the process and determined to get through this dreaded re-write process.

Onward we go! Words to be slashed and molded!