Friday, September 5, 2014

Flash Fiction (10)

Jackie, Blodeuedd, and I are back to working up some Flash Fiction fun. We will do flash fiction posts every two weeks, give or take due to holiday's and such. I will post my complete story here. Jackie will add the beginning and a link to her flash fiction on her Live Journal and Blodeuedd will be posting on her blog.

Enjoy our quick glimpses into worlds of the unknown.

By:  Melissa Hayden

Gavin broke the spell of mesmerization he was under at the sight of the massive tree before him. How had he missed this beauty of color in the pitch of black the world had become? He had crossed paths with little tree folk on their pilgrimage to find a forest, or a few trees left standing to live in, told him to 'wade in the colors of life, and the doorway you seek will appear'. Never did he think this would be the view before him.

The vibrant tree before him, moments ago was deep purple, now is a brilliant red. When he paused in his traipsing through the water the colors stopped changing. But now, the red is dulling to its next shade. Gavin couldn't take his eyes from the leaves. He feared the browns and then dulling to the point of black - if it went that far. He sure hoped it didn't and took another step drawing red from the leaves.

An ornate door, appeared in the ripples of the massive trunk as his eyes trailed down the tree. It reminded him of the doors to the church the lords of the land, that's now black from the raging fires, had worshiped their one god in. Yet there was something different to the scrolled design. He could see the detail better with each step.

His thighs were chilled, and looking down he realized he was now walking up a slope toward the tree. Out of the warm water. He prayed to the gods of life and death that this would be the answer he was searching for. The way back to the way things were. He wanted to rest with his Sarah and Johnny but he needed to right the world first. That was the least he could do for the wrong he'd put into place.

The water of the river he walked through to get here had soaked him to the bone. Gavin didn't even move to wipe the tear pooling on his beard. It wasn't worth the effort. And was it a tear or the water sprays from his steps?

He would talk to the wise man of mystics and magics that lived here. He would know how to care for the world now. The statues standing to each side of the tree were faceless, but held their hands as if welcoming him, or condemning him. He wasn't sure. The trees around the Great Tree of Life had a darkness to them as they reached up to the branches and leaves of the Great Tree, like fire looking to lick at the life they possessed.

Gavin heard the crack of the wooden door opening as he plodded forward. Gavin turned to look over the great river he traveled and back to the open door. He took a deep breath with a quick prayer and walked into the dark interior. What he didn't see was the coal colored dragon hiding behind the full branches of the great tree and the darkness that settled over the tree.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writing Update - August

Well, August kicked my ass.

*turns to Jackie* Can I say that here? Is it okay?

Back on track. Writing stuff. *sigh* The last month and a half have been non-stop. So much so that I don't know where August went. As I mentioned in the July update, I knew that I wouldn't find words this month with kiddo's sports schedule and readying to send kiddo back to school. And I was right. Heck, even getting the short flash fictions in was a workout that I was sweating over!

August has flown by with a speed I can't imagine. Well, they do say the older you get, the faster time goes. I guess that is starting to become true. But I really wish it would slow just a tad for me.

Yes, I did previously mention I made a few small word counts this month for Flash Fictions. There are two of them:
Flash Fiction 1:  451
Flash Fiction 2:  521

Now school is back in session. We do have games to go to twice a week but we are going to start getting on a schedule here. Kiddo has to do homework. I need to get caught up on my blog, write, and read. Oh and how can I forget I have, HAVE, to get some exercising in. Exercise will help me keep going for all I have planned. So, here's to finding a schedule in September!

Swear away. In fact, you might be ready to kick my ass when I kind of break a promise I'd made a mere few weeks ago....I'll get to that in a minute though. First let's talk about August.

I had big plans for August. I wanted to sit down most days and at least get something going that would give me words to report here, and get me towards a draft copy that I could start querying out in the big, scary world. Well, besides flash fictions, it didn't happen. I did, however, decorate my office finally. I have a few touches still to add, but for the most part, I now have a functional room in which to work. I want to say that's half the battle and all that but, really, it's just another mode I found to procrastinate the business of writing. I'm mentally working on changing this, truly. I just need to find a groove to get me unstuck from the idea that anything else I'm doing should come before the writing. This thinking is dragging me further away from what I really want. It won't happen if I don't do it, right?

Anyway, totals for the month look like this:

Flash 1: 573
Flash 2: 974

I probably could've written more for the second Flash but these posts are meant to be short. It kind of felt like maybe the beginning of something bigger. Perhaps I'll revisit it for NaNo?

As for looks like I will be doing some classes this year, including Creative Writing (if space is still available,) so I'll definitely be working on writing. Just maybe not what I *should* be working on to finally finish up the one project. I'm not sure how this will work out in future months, especially November. I'll have a better idea in a week or two. Until then, I'll be working on keeping my head in the game and getting something down on paper.