Wednesday, March 14, 2018

January & February Update:

So, I'm figuring you are guessing this post is not going to share I've been productive one. It is for January and February, after all. And I'm a few days late into March when posting. Okay, half a month late. Well, you are right.

I've been working on getting caught up around home after the holidays. I swear each year takes more and more effort to get back on track. I haven't figured out why, seeing the Kiddo is older now. (Don't you tell me it age catching up with me.) I like to think I'm keeping myself too busy. ;D

I've also been working on content editing work and photography. So there is a lot of time wrapped up in both of those. With the photography, I've picked up programs that help touch up the photos. I took a few classes online to learn Photoshop, twice a week for four weeks. That was time consuming as I practiced what I learned.

I feel I'm starting to get things back on track so before the end of this month (March) I should be able to get back to re-writes.