Sunday, May 1, 2016

March and April Update

So, for those that do check this blog, you probably think I've fallen off the face of the earth. No updates in two months, that's not good. Well, in a sort of way it's all true...

It's been a rough few months in our house. My son had to go in for a third surgery, arthroscopic, to remove more scar tissue build up in his knee. Then he got botox shots to help with the hamstring that was spasming. And he got a new crazy brace that he had to wear. So we kept him home for 2 weeks to get all this done and really focus on getting his knee straight.

The stress level was getting crazy high for me. I couldn't get to everything and take care of my family at the same time. So, writing did get put on the back burner. I needed to take care of myself and my family first.

Now, moving ahead to April. Kiddo's birthday is here too. But he's doing much better and we were seeing good results. This last week was a great response at therapy, if he stays at this level for the next week they will have him running then. Woot woot! This is what we are working for.

The stress level seems to have dropped a bit in the last two weeks. So I finally pulled out one of those stories I was re-writing and got back to it. I'm only working on it for about a half hour a day. I know, seems like not much but with all else going on in the day, this is what I feel I can do without stressing out over everything.

I'm taking steps in the right direction! I think I'll finish reading to right before the big finale and go back to type up all the changes. There are things that need to be revealed in the big ending so I want to have those listed and read to do the re-writes in that section, to do it right.

So, how has your months gone?