Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Update:

And I think I'm terrible at re-writes! I can't seem to get far with this stuff.

I've decided I need a better method of preparation before I start writing. Yes, I'm a pantser in what I've done. But after trying to put the mess back together (and feeling as I'm failing miserably) I have decided I need more of a line to follow when writing. *cringe* That is going to be a lot more work upfront but I think in the end, well worth it. I'm going to have to diagram the world mechanics and outline the story better.

I don't do outlines well, it's been something I've struggled with since I was in elementary school. My mind doesn't understand why someone would put words on the page if they were not important, so to me everything is important and should be in the outline. I took special classes to learn how to do outlines, and failed. I was found to be a lost cause at the whole process. I squeaked by that semester in English and moved on. This is why I don't do outlines. So, I'm going to have to find some sort of method that works for me that I can use.

I tried something different with my Christmas story a year and a half ago, and it seemed to work well for me. I used note cards and created a timeline of events that way. I'm going to have to try that in future writings.

So, for June what did I accomplish, other than learning I need a new method to my madness?

I have tried to stick to the every other day schedule of writing then blogging and other things. It's worked, for the most part. Life still interferes with many things, but I'm making it work. It's just not every other day as I'd hoped. But, I'm getting there.

I have 50 more pages to read and adjust. After this I can print and work out the bigger kinks that the story has. Then, I'll need a set of eyes to help me with things I know are wonky, I don't like, or need help seeing the light through. I know I was hoping for the end of July, but I don't know if that will happen. We'll see how much time I get to put into re-writes with work and life happening too.

Here's to another month full of words!