Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Update:

March has come to a close. In like a lion, out like a lamb? Well, maybe with the weather but for me it's more in like a lamb, out like a lion.

I did convert my Scrivener pages to Word and started reading from the beginning. I got through several thousand words in this fashon as well, adding lots of balloon comments on the side.

But then life happens.

I've been busy with Kiddo and his schedule for sports along with picking up an editing job for the month. At this point in my writing, I take the paying jobs over working on my own. The payment from the jobs help when the Universe likes to twist on me. Sick dog, dentist bills (which I thought they watched insurance for when they could do some proceedures. Ha!), and all else that comes with having a kid.

I'm really hoping to get caught up with a few reads and get back to my edits/re-writes. I seem to have created a schedule for myself in the evening for working on editing jobs, so I think I'll carry that through and work on my works when the editing jobs are done.

Then there's that moment when you think you wrote the story ALL WRONG. You realize you could have written it a different way and maybe, just maybe, that way was the right way... Yeah, I had that revelation at the end of March. I could have written Jackie in this story completely different, and I just realized it. *sigh* Now what? I keep trudging on with what I have and hope it's the right story. I do know there is need for character growth for Jackie in what I have planned for the future, so it just might work out in the end. ;)

As for March, some work got done and I know it's steps in the right direction. Here's hoping I can get a few thousand more words read and re-written in April.

It's Melissa again. Jackie is still crazy busy with life happening so she's not able to post this month. I'm hoping she'll be back to a calm (or as calm as life can be) schedule once again soon. Thinking of you Jackie!