Sunday, December 20, 2015

October AND November Update

*sigh* Where on Earth does the time go?!?

I am going to try and recollect what I've done for two months.
October... I believe my main focus for the month was reading and noting rewrites along with changes to the Steampunk story. Nothing really new started.

November... Now, this is a whole full month. I did participate in NaNoWriMo. And... I WON!! Woot woot!

I started the second story for the steampunk world I was working in. The story came to a total of 43,622 words. I knew in starting this book that it should NOT hit the 50k goal for NaNoWriMo, but that was okay as it would get me a started story. (In the completed product, it should mark out over 60k but that's a lot of work to it.) I got a bare bones story there. One I like? Not really. There needs to be more heartache and work in the beginning to grow the character from. I also realized that there's a whole line of thinking that needs to be added through the story, from the beginning. I didn't realize this until I came across it at about 40k. So yes, loooots of work.

But then I started my second Christmas Business story. It's set in the same world I started last year but with a different couple-to-be. I only got 7,223 words. Which is A-okay with me. This takes me into December and something to ponder and write through the holiday season.

While I was working on all of this, I was reading my first steampunk story at lunch at work, still making notes of things to fix or look further into. There's a few things here that really need fixed. I was also doing content editing work as well. So with doing this I only wrote a max of 2,000 words a night, which worked out well for me and life that happened...

See, life does interject with plans all so often. My son was to get ACL reconstructive surgery and meniscus repair at the end of November, the 23rd. I figured I had a huge chunk of the month to get myself set for this week off with him... Hahaha. We were lucky (and yes, I mean lucky as the sooner he got in the better) to get a call that there was an earlier opening for surgery as they had a cancellation. November 6th he went in. That was the first day I didn't make any words, but I didn't let it stop me. Nope! I did dive in and kept to the minimum count to keep moving forward.

What I found was at the beginning of the month, those 1666 words took two hours to find. But by the end of the month, I was kicking out that number of words in little over an hour. (**Lesson learned: Keep writing.)

Now that we are into December, life is still kicking my kester but I'm planning out some of Christmas Warmth and hope to get back to writing it.

Here's to the holidays! And writing through the craziness.