Friday, May 1, 2015

April Updates:


It's May 1st and I need to make some changes. I've done some thinking over the month of April.

First, I debated on if I really wanted to write. I've been stuck in the re-write process for far to long on a story to short for the time frame. Yes, I've started and stopped, that hasn't helped at all. Life has thrown some large hills in the road that I've decided I need to focus where I can get paid. And writing isn't going to pay at this time. I'm just to new at the process and I take to long to produce any work.

Second, time... I really think Father Time hates me some days. I know he sits there and laughs at me. Time has been an enemy for me for far to long. Kiddo has so much going on. We stay with him for all his sports events and have plans for lots of extra events and camps we will take and watch him at for months to come. He's getting to his last two years of high school and that comes with a lot to do if he wants to go to college and play football.

Third, I love content editing. I've had the great opportunity to work with several authors on their works. And recently, once again, I came through the process with and author who made magnificent changes to her scenes that will now make them pop off the page. God I love that part of the process. It's beautiful to watch it all come together and happen.

Then there's blogging. I so enjoy the community. I've been part of it for years now, I don't want to give it up.

All this and I work a full time day job that I can't really do any of these things at.

So my conclusion at the end of April... I want to write. I just have to accept it's going to be a rather slow process.

I've decided I'll schedule out my week and try to not get upset when I have to miss a night of the schedule. I have to shrug it off and be 'the day has passed, I can't get it back. Move on to today.'

The idea is to have time frames for my nights. I'll write on Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday 8-9pm. I'll blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-9pm. Friday is family dinner night, it seems. ;) When I have content editing jobs I'll work on that nightly from 9-10. (All is give or take a few minutes.) I'm hoping to get exercising back in my schedule a few nights a week about 7pm. But if not exercising, I'll work on blog stuff or write earlier.

So, this is my *plan*. We'll see if I can make it happen.


Is still caught up in life's events. Hope to have her back with us soon.