Monday, November 7, 2016

September & October Update:

I'm late getting this post up. *sigh* Life has been moving fast with Kiddo playing football and going to college tours on Saturdays. The days are limited.

But, I'm thrilled to announce.... I finished my re-writes! The steampunk story is done with re-writes. Took me longer than I intended, sure. But they are done! I had sections I had to completely re-write, sections I added to, and new sections added all together. And there are those words that got removed because they just didn't fit. All's good because it worked out!

The story has come out to be about 86,000 words total. Amazing right!? This story had started as a simple little thing to maybe hit 40,000 about a young woman. It grew to over double that with characters and plot. I love what it became! And how it's lead into more stories to follow.

My plan for October.... to re-read Christmas Spirit (working title) in preparation for writing Christmas Warmth (working title) during November for NaNoWriMo. Exciting plans! Now to keep life on the calm so I can get everything done, including content editing work coming in.

See you next month!

Do you believe I had that short section for September done but never posted it!? Yea, that seems to be the way life's been going. We've had football games and gone on college visits. And tried to keep up with the house in all that's going on. LOL! That's funny!

So, did I get to do what I wanted in October... Sort of. With all that we've been doing with kiddo for his senior year this month it's been packed full. But I am about half way through a quick read through of Christmas Spirit (working title). This works because Christmas Warmth (working title) is from a different characters POV and her story at Christmas time.

I finished out October with a content editing job and will finish up the first week of October. After that I'll dive into NaNoWriMo. I'm good with starting a week late because I usually finish a week early with the required goal of words to win.

So here's to creating all sorts of words!