Tuesday, July 10, 2018

May and June Updates

After the great month of work in April, I fell off the writing wagon. There's been no more words reworked or written by me. Life has taken over.

It's been a bumpy few months here in the home with one of our dogs. We have two German Shepards, sisters from the same litter. They've been fighting skin infections from allergies for over a year now, one more so than the other. We have made many, many visits to the vet and found a few issues that were fixed. But Athena never really got a permanent fix. The last two months have been worse than normal. She hit a low in June and quit eating. We did what we could, but her liver was not well. So, she lost her battle at the end of June. We are now focusing on keeping Sheba occupied and going on. With being litter mates they have never known life without the other one. Even if one left for the vet, they always came home. So Sheba's a little lost right now. We are working on relearning our daily routines without Athena.

July looks to be a busy month for us so I likely won't get any new words until August. Hopefully we'll be back on track and into our routine by then.