Monday, December 31, 2012

December A-Z Challenge


Well...I'm having troubles with December posting.  Coming out of Nanowrimo and getting through the holidays I'm not getting much accomplished it feels.  And looking at this challenge...well, I'm slacking it seems.

December YA Speculative Fiction


December has turned out to be a bit of a bust for me in posting on the blog.  With coming out of Nanowrimo and getting through the holidays, well, it's been a little crazy.  I did get two YA Reads posted thought.

Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs
House of Grey Vol 2 by Collin Earl

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November A-Z Challenge


I did NaNoWriMo last month, but at the beginning I did get a review of one book up, and it qualifies for the challenge!  It's a letter I've been needing.  I also got more read, but not posted with Nano.  It'll come in December, I'm just hoping it qualifies in the remaining letters I need. ;)

K:  Kiss of Death by Seleste deLaney

November YA Speculative Reading Challenge


Well, I did NaNoWriMo for the month of November, so I didn't do much in reading as I wrote.  That's just the way I am...single minded.  I can't seem to focus on two things like that.  But I did get far enough fast enough I did get one YA book read in which I'll post the review in December.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

October A-Z Challenge


Well, this challenge is really getting harder with the dwindling letters left.  But I did manage to get one letter reviewed...

O:  Of Course I Try by Seleste deLaneyA-Z

October YA Speculative Fiction Challenge

I feel like I'm on a YA reading marathon! lol.  I've got through more than normal in October.  Well, I might have read them through out the month previous, but posted them in October.

Stitch by Samantha Durante
House of Grey Vol 1 by Collin Earl
Fathom by Merrie Destefano
Rise of the Magician by Collin Earl & Chris Snelgrove

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September A-Z Challenge


Okay, so I seem to be stuck.  I need to get my review books rotated through here that match up with the letters I have left.  That's going to be hard.  But I'll work at it.  But for now, I don't have any letters finished for September.

September YA Speculative Reading Challenge


Well, I've got a book down on the YA challenge for September.  I'm really slacking I think. :) But I think I have several in the works for October. :)

Hunter of the Dead by Katee Roberts

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August YA Speculative Fiction Challenge


Well, I'm slacking on the YA front...I have a few to read for September and October blog posts, so more will come.  I also have some for fun to read lined up as well.

Now I'm not sure this one is listed as YA, but the previous two books I said could be and you will want to know what happens in the end so this one follows suit.

Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

August A-Z Challenge


Well, pickings are getting slim...There aren't many letters left and it's harder to make it coincide with my review books.  But I'm still picking up a letter here and there.

N:  9 Crimes by Skyla Dawn Cameron
J:  The Janus Affair: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences by Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

July A-Z Challenge

Well, I've found myself repeating letters now.  It's hard to keep up with review books and these challenges as well. Hmmm. Very hard!  But I did review one book that is a new letter this month, with luck!  It was posted on the very last day of July. lol.

   The Relic by Colleen Helme

July YA

Well, I'm a slacker once again.  So sorry!  I didn't read any YA books this month.  But I do have a few lined up for August. So I should (keep fingers crossed all works well) have at least two, well at least one. :)

June YA (Spec. Fic.) Challenge


Well, It seems I'm slacking on the YA Reading Challenge. *sigh* I'll get better, I'll try. ;)

June A-Z Challenge


So, I'm still ticking off letters of the alphabet.  I would think I should be done by now, but dang that's a lot of letters to hit! lol.

Hunter and Fox by Philippa Ballantine

May A-Z Challenge


Well, I got two letters down and wasn't trying! LOL. I was surprised as the month went by so quickly for me.  But when I started looking through I realized I had actually did okay this month...with this challenge that is. ;)

Indigo Springs by A.M. Dellamonica
Tranquility's Blaze by Krista D. Bell

May YA Challenge


I'm trying! lol. I started off the month great with a YA review, and I'll keep trying.  But I was trying to get through some books for authors I saw at Balticon.

Dormitory of the Dead by Kelly Lougheed
My Sactuary by Sarah-Jane Lehoux

April A-Z


I did it! I found something to read with the big scary letter Q! Yeah!

Blooded: A Jessica McLain Novella by Amanda Carlson
Questing Beast by Ilona Andrws

April: YA Speculative Fiction Challenge


Well, I think I might be off to a running start? LOL! I have a few novella's I read in the YA genre, and really enjoyed them.

Broken by Emma St. John

March: YA (Spec Fic) Challenge


I've gotten to a few! Yeah! I'm not a complete slacker. lol.  But I really do seem to be having troubles getting through YA reads this year.  I did much better with them last year.  I'll have to look over the stack and see what I can get to.

I did get 2 YA books reviewed in March:

Lodestone: Book 3: The Crucible of Dawn by Mark Whiteway
The Graveyard Gymnasium by Kelly Lougheed

I think April and May are going to be tough months for me with the YA genre.  I have many review books to get through in April so I can read a few book before going to Balticon at the end of May.

March: A-Z

Wow! March is past us already.  Where the heck is the year going already?  It's flying, and in doing so, making me feel like such a slacker.  I still have 15 letters to read.  Sounds like it's not so bad being we have 9 months left, but I'm finding a lot of titles have the same beginning letters!

Okay, I did get to 2 new letters this month:
   The Graveyard Gymnasium by Kelly Lougheed
   Whiskey Sour by Skyla Dawn Cameron

I'm hoping to get at least 2 letters down, if not 3 here in April.

February in Review: YA (Spec Fic) Challenge


Um, ah... I'm a slacker at my own challenge!  Okay.  I did read 2 YA books, but I didn't get the reviews up just yet.  I will have them up for March's post though.  And maybe a third YA book in the mix too.  I'll work harder at doing better.

February in Review: A-Z


So, it's been a decent month.  I read more than this but these are all that fit in this Challenge.  I think the letters are going to start to thin out!  I need to take a look at the titles I have on the shelves here.

Devil's Luck by Carolyn Crane
The Emperor's Knife by Mazarkis Williams
Lineage by Skyla Dawn Cameron
Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January in review: A-Z Challenge

Jackie: Well, January was a near bust for me. I've been sick since just after Christmas but just as I was starting to get some relief, I got another cold (I blame the second one on the kiddie :-p ) What all that whining amounts to is very little reading time. Most days, you'd find me on Twitter complaining to Melissa that a book was just way too heavy to hold, lol.

Anyway, here's what I read for the A-Z challenge this month:

Everneath by Brodi Ashton
The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
World War Z by Max Brooks

Melissa:  Well, I know the feeling of being down with the colds.  I think we were sending it back and forth through a virus on here. lol.  It's definitely been a tough start to the new year.  I've spent more of my time reading short stories with being up and down.  And I have books I've read that will go towards this Challenge, but I'm holding them until I get the reviews up here in February, trying to spead the love more than one month. lol.

What I've got thus far for A-Z Challenge...

Addicted by S.A. Archer
Cybrosis by P.C. Haring
Foreshadow by S.A. Archer
Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan
Something Wikkid This Way Comes by Nicole Peeler

Well, here's to February being a great lettered month too. :)

January in review: YA (Spec-Fic) Reading Challenge

Jackie: I probably have a ton of books on the shelf that fit this category, but as yet are still unread. So, what was my accomplishment for this challenge in January?

Everneath by Brodi Ashton

It's sad but true. I'm hoping to get a few more of these under my belt of the next few months.

Melissa: Eeep!! Okay, I think I'm slacking.  I'm blaming it all on starting the new year sick, and it carrying through.  Yes, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. lol.  Okay, I've been a bad person, no YA reads for me in January!  But I do have a few lined up, if I can get to them, for February.  Two, if not three to come.