Sunday, June 23, 2013

Writing Update - May


And this is waaaaay late in posting.  Sorry.  I had an unexpected family emergency and it's taken a week to try to get to a breathing point.  And it seems it's going to shoot June in the kester before it even starts. days into the month and I hadn't wrote much of anything.  I was exhausted.  Beyond exhausted, thanks to allergies.  I even found myself napping at lunch hour.  Yeah, not me.  I didn't get much reading in either.

I seem to be at a lack for words this past month, with being so exhausted I can't seem to focus.  But the brain wasn't completely idle...started dreaming up new worlds.

But, on the 4th - Saturday during my down time starring at the television like a blob on the couch - I was watching the H2 channel.  A History channel, I have no idea who had it one but it was on when I turned tv on.  Anyway, there was a show about the oceans.  Icebergs melting, whirlpools, images under water with the mountain ranges and so on and so on.  A new world idea started to hit me.  One I started noting and forming in my mind's eye.  I wrote 334 hasty words of a short happening in this world.  There is lots of worldly myth that needs to be laid out and created here as I think I like the idea of this world and people.  BUT!  Yes, this is a big but.  I don't have a story for the world yet.  So, I continue to create the world, hoping something will spark for a story line.  I think one might be forming...we'll see as I create the world. ;)

I did manage to get a few words squeaked out.  Okay, so I'm a slacker, the total I got... 637.  *sigh* I know disgraceful.  I left May with HIGH hopes for June.  I have lots I want to get done.  After Balticon, I had the feel for creativity.  Had the first day all planned out, I'd finish cleaning, read the remaining forty pages of a current read, then dive into my novella story.  I didn't even get the cleaning done before I got that call we all dread.  So June is seeming to be a bust for words as well.  *sigh* We'll see, but I'm thinking not much will come.

Jackie is swamped with school.  Sorry, she wasn't able to post this time around.