Sunday, January 10, 2016

December Update:


Once again, I'm late at posting about the month past. But with holidays it's hard! lol.

So I had planned to write my second Christmas story in the month of December with all the craziness that comes with Christmas. I didn't get to do that. The events of life, kiddo and knee therapy along with the go-go-go of the holidays disrupted the idea this year.

But that's okay!

Why? Because it gave me the month to listen to the seasonal music, and listen I did. I had the radio on constant Holiday cheer from Thanksgiving. And to get into the season so I could come up with ideas for the story. I now have a list of things that can happen. I also made verbal notes into my phone that would be the scene or part of a scene. I have typed those up and have those ready for when I get to planning and writing.

This is a step forward for me. These holiday stories come in a completely different fashion than other stories have. They are almost outlined in my head. Keep in mind, I don't outline very well. AT ALL. So this is something new for me.

My plans are to make a plot board for the book so I can keep track of all that is to happen and influences in the story by the 'holiday spirit'. I'll share that with you next month.

Here's to producing more words!