Wednesday, August 22, 2012

July A-Z Challenge

Well, I've found myself repeating letters now.  It's hard to keep up with review books and these challenges as well. Hmmm. Very hard!  But I did review one book that is a new letter this month, with luck!  It was posted on the very last day of July. lol.

   The Relic by Colleen Helme

July YA

Well, I'm a slacker once again.  So sorry!  I didn't read any YA books this month.  But I do have a few lined up for August. So I should (keep fingers crossed all works well) have at least two, well at least one. :)

June YA (Spec. Fic.) Challenge


Well, It seems I'm slacking on the YA Reading Challenge. *sigh* I'll get better, I'll try. ;)

June A-Z Challenge


So, I'm still ticking off letters of the alphabet.  I would think I should be done by now, but dang that's a lot of letters to hit! lol.

Hunter and Fox by Philippa Ballantine

May A-Z Challenge


Well, I got two letters down and wasn't trying! LOL. I was surprised as the month went by so quickly for me.  But when I started looking through I realized I had actually did okay this month...with this challenge that is. ;)

Indigo Springs by A.M. Dellamonica
Tranquility's Blaze by Krista D. Bell

May YA Challenge


I'm trying! lol. I started off the month great with a YA review, and I'll keep trying.  But I was trying to get through some books for authors I saw at Balticon.

Dormitory of the Dead by Kelly Lougheed
My Sactuary by Sarah-Jane Lehoux

April A-Z


I did it! I found something to read with the big scary letter Q! Yeah!

Blooded: A Jessica McLain Novella by Amanda Carlson
Questing Beast by Ilona Andrws

April: YA Speculative Fiction Challenge


Well, I think I might be off to a running start? LOL! I have a few novella's I read in the YA genre, and really enjoyed them.

Broken by Emma St. John

March: YA (Spec Fic) Challenge


I've gotten to a few! Yeah! I'm not a complete slacker. lol.  But I really do seem to be having troubles getting through YA reads this year.  I did much better with them last year.  I'll have to look over the stack and see what I can get to.

I did get 2 YA books reviewed in March:

Lodestone: Book 3: The Crucible of Dawn by Mark Whiteway
The Graveyard Gymnasium by Kelly Lougheed

I think April and May are going to be tough months for me with the YA genre.  I have many review books to get through in April so I can read a few book before going to Balticon at the end of May.

March: A-Z

Wow! March is past us already.  Where the heck is the year going already?  It's flying, and in doing so, making me feel like such a slacker.  I still have 15 letters to read.  Sounds like it's not so bad being we have 9 months left, but I'm finding a lot of titles have the same beginning letters!

Okay, I did get to 2 new letters this month:
   The Graveyard Gymnasium by Kelly Lougheed
   Whiskey Sour by Skyla Dawn Cameron

I'm hoping to get at least 2 letters down, if not 3 here in April.

February in Review: YA (Spec Fic) Challenge


Um, ah... I'm a slacker at my own challenge!  Okay.  I did read 2 YA books, but I didn't get the reviews up just yet.  I will have them up for March's post though.  And maybe a third YA book in the mix too.  I'll work harder at doing better.

February in Review: A-Z


So, it's been a decent month.  I read more than this but these are all that fit in this Challenge.  I think the letters are going to start to thin out!  I need to take a look at the titles I have on the shelves here.

Devil's Luck by Carolyn Crane
The Emperor's Knife by Mazarkis Williams
Lineage by Skyla Dawn Cameron
Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews