Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Update

I had plans... Ugh.

Goal:  15 hours Re-writes on Christmas Spirit
Actual:  8 hours Re-writes on Christmas Spirit

So, I started out good. I figured half an hour a day and if I missed it would be easy to make up. Then we had an away football game that was a couple hours away. And then another one. The weekends were a wash with driving, game, and photos. (I take and touch up photos for the guys on the team with Kiddo.)

Then the biggest hold up happened. Scrivener locked up. Yep. This is that one thing no one wants to see happen. I couldn't get into my project. AT ALL! My heart sunk. I thought I was going to have to type every word and character all over again. And lose all my character and places details. I took a breath and tried to relax. I sent an email to Scrivener, hoping for all hope they could unlock it. It took five days and emails to get there but we did. *phew* I was so relieved when I finally was able to see words on the screen again.

So, I did get some work done. Not as much as hoped, but closer to what I expected. We can always hope for more.

I'm not officially doing NaNoWriMo in November. I don't have a plot board or ideas down to work from to hit 50k words in sprint writings. But I am taking the month to work on words. I set up a Goal Tracker for November of 30 hours of Re-writes/re-read for Christmas Spirit. I want to get this book to a rough draft that can be worked from and move forward with it.

Plans for November:
Goal:  30 Hours Re-writes/Re-read of Christmas Spirit

As for Scrivener locking up, would anyone be interested in a post to how I was able to fix it? Of course the help center told me what to do, but I could share the details with you if you're interested.

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