Friday, August 22, 2014

Flash Fiction (9)

Jackie, Blodeuedd, and I are back to working up some Flash Fiction fun. We will do flash fiction posts every two weeks, give or take due to holiday's and such. I will post my complete story here. Jackie will add the beginning and a link to her flash fiction on her Live Journal and Blodeuedd will be posting on her blog.

Enjoy our quick glimpses into worlds of the unknown.

Ocean's Deep to the Stars
By:  Melissa Hayden

Turning his attention to the side window he sighed. Whatever he thought he say shimmering was gone now. George turned back to watch where the spot light of the submersible combed the ocean floor. He was determined to find the lost city, positive it was here. But after five days of searching George's confidence in his research started to wan. The ancient tablet found in the ocean showed water movements of the time it was from. George had been convinced from the first moment he gazed upon the tablet, seeing the elegant script written on it, that it was from the long lost water faring people - the Atlanteans. They lived off the ocean for sustenance and power. He tracked the changes of the currents science had recorded over the last decades, and related it to what he read in the elegant script of the tablet he found. It lead him here.

It should be here.

George turned his head, cursing under his breath as he rubbed his neck from the heated cramp in his neck from the quick movement. He swore he saw steps out of the corner of his eye. The dark water was playing tricks on him along with his over excited mind.

George turned the submersive to head that direction. At this point what was the harm in checking? he thought. Looking down, he saw it. Lifting his head with disbelief he saw it stretch in front of him.

Pearl stairs shinning in the depths of the dark deep curving as it reached to a swirl of stars above. Stars? Sun didn't even reach here, how was he seeing stars? A bright light flashed and a tall person stepped to the top of the stairs. Slowly the person descended.

George was dumbfounded that a person appeared in what was space and is now walking down steps in the ocean. He's walking, not floating, and definitely not drowning. He must have pulled a muscle in his neck harder than he realized, causing sparks and flashes of light in his eyes. Maybe the oxygen level is low.

The jerk of the vessel brought him around to look at the gauges. He'd ran into the reef. He cursed, thankful his crawler didn't move fast, but feared there would still be damage. Damage he couldn't afford at this level of the ocean, or above as he'd sunk all his money into this expedition. He had to get back to the boat, but to leave this sight...

The person was closer now, having an elegance to his steps that was beyond that of the most balanced dancer he'd seen on television. Now, he could see it was a man... George squinted. The man was dressed in a toga with gold glittering around his head, waist, and arms. The shoes, if that was what they were, laced up his calves. The outfit made him look longer. Almost like he was stretched.

The man was framed with the dark ocean around him, yet he shone with brilliance. He reached the bottom of the stairwell and reached to George. Then George felt the submersive shake.


  1. And then what...everyone dies? ;)

  2. Neat premise of the expedition and what's at stake for George. I imagine he got a different result than he was expecting though.