Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Writing Update - July

I started the month out strong....then life took over. I worked on re-writes and felt I was making headway. I had a small section I had to enter, which then changed things in the ripple affect of events and what the characters say. But this is good! It's what was needed and wanted. Maybe even draw the two closer together that I needed to bring closer.

Also, getting further into the story I'm finding there are things I have in place in the beginning that I can tie in better or use for what I have going on later in the book. *fist pump* Yes! I love that. I can see it all falling into place and all of it is useful and used. *happy dance* This is a huge thing for me. I was always afraid that I dropped things in that would never be seen again. I'm sure there are a few, but at this point I'm happy. :)

I am even formulating the next story in my mind so there are things I need to drop in this story to explain the next one. Crazy how that happens. ;)

Words added to story (By RoTaNoWriMo which includes the formula for reading words plus added words along with Flash Fiction count):

Actual increase in number (with adding and deleting):

Flash Fiction pieces:
    1st - 655 words
    2nd - 894 words

So, actual words written:  6,783

As for going into August... er, um.... I'm going to have to keep on this writing break, even though it's going to eat me away inside. Kiddo has crazy hours for football practice, and family always comes first. I enjoy watching him practice, and he wants us to watch him practice. So my time will be there. What I'm hoping is once school starts I can get back on a schedule and get this story punched out to a first rough draft that I can ask for help on.

Like Melissa, I started out July strong...though mine was more about being in the right mindset. I had big ideas, I made notes, and seemed to be heading in the right direction...until it came time to implement these into what I already have written. And then it all fell apart.

The project was, and is, never far from my mind but I just couldn't seem to get into the rhythm I needed to keep working. I've thought a lot about why this is and have decided that because what was written was all completely pants'ed during NaNo, it isn't near where I want it to be to start, never mind simply adding into it. The whole thing needs to be stripped down and re-done. So that's how I'll be approaching it from now on. The issue could also have something to do with my reluctance to actually sit and work on it, but I'd rather it was more a result of the first scenario...

I do have some scenes that were successfully written or re-written and also have the Flash Fiction numbers to add in for the month, but the total works out to much less than even 100 words per day for the month. Because of this, I need to push myself further to make sure I sit down and write at least something...a minimum of 500 words, say....everyday most days. Otherwise, I'll be left regretting that I didn't even try.

The totals for the month look like this:
   Flash 1 - 873
   Flash 2 - 261
   WIP  -  1203
For a grand total of 2337.

The only promise I'll make for August is that I will beat July's word count, hopefully a significant increase, but, you know, summer and all that ;)

Here's hoping August is productive for everyone, at least as much as it can be while the weather is still warm and the kids are at home :)

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