Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Update:

I joined Camp NaNoWriMo. I know, I know. I said in June's post I didn't know when I'd get back to writing or re-writes, and at the earliest it'd be August. That was true then. The schedule for editing work changed and opened up July. So I figured what the hay, I'll give it a go.

Also, I failed miserably at Camp NaNoWriMo in April, so why not attempt it again? What's the worst that'll happen? I could fail again (even though I hate that). But it would be some work towards the story.

I signed on to work 30 hours. I wasn't to thrilled with this. I wanted 15 hours, to work at least a half hour a day. Camp NaNoWriMo writing by the hour only goes as low as 30 hours. I understand it's camp and you strive to get as much as you can in, but life still happens too. I didn't think I was going to hit 30 hours, there was to much still in motion at the time. So I also signed up for a Goal Tracker in NaNoWriMo for 15 hours. I figure if I fail at one place I'll win at the other. lol.

What am I working on? I'm continuing with Christmas Spirit.

Where I am at the start of July:

Where I am at the end of July:

I know. That image has to be flipped or something, right. I was further along in the first image. So you know what that means. That's right. I finished the book with it's first round of re-writes in print and have started typing in the changes! Woot woot! Exciting!

How did the Camp NaNoWriMo go?

30 Hour Goal of Re-writes on Christmas Spirit:
~ 30 Hours ACCOMPLISHED in Re-writes of Christmas Spirit!

That's exciting news. It was a good month for working.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

April, May, and why not June Update


The month started off slow but good. I've been pleased with the progress over last few months. I've had sections that had a great bit added and other sections where I switched the POV and adjusted the scene slightly. I love it! It feels like I'm really getting somewhere!

Christmas Spirit:
Goal:  30 hrs for April
Results:  9 hrs

So what's my excuse? I knew 30 hours was a dream goal. I never expected to get there, an hour a day, not with all that we were coming up upon. But I never thought I'd do less than 10 hours either. Kiddo started baseball, and I go to the games to watch and take pictures. There are a lot of games! Also I've been working with Kiddo on college stuff. All sorts of forms and visits were in April for a college he thought he was going to (he's recently changed to another). So time was tied up with Kiddo, which would probably be most of the last of many things now that he's graduated and going into college.

And this month was a bust all around. It felt like a short month as we were still playing catch up from three of the four weekends in April being filled with college visits. We had Prom to ready for and pictures to be taken. Then I headed to Balticon for the last weekend.

Like I said, a bust for me.

And why not toss in June?
I know we are coming to the mid point of June and there's still 15 days remaining. Anything could change. But, I'm not foreseeing it going anywhere and I'm not going to get my hopes up just to be crushed.

I spent the first 10 days tied up with Kiddo's graduation from high school then his Graduation party. We had the school picnic and then I got sick with this sinus infection. It's been busy. I am also working on for pay content editing work. And I've concluded I need to get another part-time job on the weekends, so I'm looking for that now too.

Sadly, the writing will have to take a back burner until life gets back on track all around.

I'm not planning on joining Camp NaNoWriMo for July. I have another editing project coming in (yea!) and I want to get back on track with a few things here. August is going to be a bit tricky in the beginning, and then Kiddo starts college so... I'm not sure how that will go. We'll see when the time comes.

I want to get a few things squared away and get to writing again, even for half an hour a day.

I have an idea for a special system to use in a book creating itself in my mind. It has to do with color and light. I have to research it and learn more and I don't have a story to go with it yet, but the idea of this system sounds neat...in my head. ;) I'll note it and maybe some day it'll work into a story idea.

So, here's to a few months of getting caught up then back at it once again!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March Update

Oh my! I forgot to post this. How can I do that? I've been trying to keep up with all the things. lol.

So I had some big plans for March. I was cruising along on re-writes at the beginning of March. I was thrilled as some sections stayed with the same idea but re-written and other scenes got additions, large additions.

Christmas Spirit:
32 hours by March 10th ~ I upped the goal to 38 hours by March 31st.
-- I added 11 hours to the clock, bringing me to a total of 28 hours spent on the project since the beginning of the year.

The total hours spent don't feel like a lot as I look back now. But when working, it feels like a lot is getting done. I'm currently on page 146 out of 359. I think this is a very good progression. I know I can't work daily on the project with all going on in life at the moment - work, kiddo college stuff, editing work, and more.

Here's a picture of the progress, so can see the pages going by. This page has been read through and, as you see on the left, I've added a good bit to this section. I need to read it again and add a bit more, so I'm still on page 146.

So what's on the horizon for April?

I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal is 30 hours of work by the end of April. That's one hour a day. I know one hour a day isn't going to happen, especially with content editing work to be done too. But I hope to get close. This means I'm going to have to buckle down and do the time. I know there's a few college visits this month as well, which will take my Saturdays and make Sunday's harder to get everything done. But I'm going to try.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Update

Wow, that was one short month! I had forgotten it was short by 2-3 days. It's surprising how much of a difference 2 days can make.

I've been stumbling along this month with family stuff, content editing work, and re-writes. It's going well. Could be better, but well. I'm not going to complain. I'm content with the work I've completed.

Christmas Warmth:  5,000 word goal.
-- I had stopped working toward this one at the end of January. I was content with what I added and will add and adjust when I go through re-writes with this one. This goal ended February 28th.

Christmas Spirit:  32 hours by March 10th.
-- I have added 12 hours in February to my 5 hours in January, bringing me to a total of 17 hours logged. That leaves 15 hours to be put in by March 10th. It's doable, but I probably won't get all of them in.

Something additional I wanted to share about Christmas Spirit, I'm 84 pages into 359 pages of the book. I've had sections that I've added a good bit and I've had sections I redid keeping the same idea but adding something that changes things in that scene. Those things could be reactions or feelings or even when something is done in the scene.

Want to see a picture of the page comparison? Maybe I'll start sharing an image each month, to see the progress even if it is slow.

It looks like a ton of pages to get through yet, but that's okay because I feel like I've come a long way in what I have completed. I even had a great sentence to add come to mind when driving to work this morning! That's what happens to me after I work through a sections, I get a clear idea the next day since my mind slept on the idea. This idea was something that ties a previous scene and who Em is to the moment she's in. I love the feel when those moments hit me.

This book needs LOTS of work and still will when I'm done with these re-writes, but I have a great feeling about this book and series. If I can get it to where I want, with help from friends, I would love to share this one with the world.

At least that's what I'm thinking now, may change later. ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

January Update:

Ugh. Where did January go?!? Really. A whole month has flown by without me even seeing it. Or so it feels that way. Recovering and catching up from the holiday's seems to always take longer than I hope. Then I've gone on college visits with Kiddo. Ugh! I'm so glad I don't have to make that choice again. So many colleges to visit and chose from. How do you know?

I did get some work done. Yea for small miracles!

It'll be easier for me to track my work this year thanks to NaNoWriMo's new feature, Goal Tracker. You can set a goal for a length you'd like and for words or hours. You can also do more than one Goal Tracker! Totally awesome!

My goals so far:
Christmas Warmth: 5,000 word goal by February 28th.  4,018 words achieved.
-- This totally works for me as there are some sections that still need to be added but will be done in re-writes when I'm reading through the story.

Christmas Spirit: 32 hours by March 10th. 5 hours spent in re-writes.
-- This is a slow start, but I will pick up the pace. This means I have 27 hours to get through in a little over February. February is a short month, but I believe I can do it!

So, I am working. Any and all small skips forward are an accomplishment. Here's to continuing on for February!

How did your January go? Did you get done what you wanted? Or was it weighted down with recovering and getting caught up from the holidays?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Resolutions

Photo By: Melissa L. Hayden At: Spellbound in a Flash
Happy New Year!

You may have read my generic resolutions for 2017 at my book blog. Here I'm going to put a little more fine tooth comb to it.

1)  Write/edit every other day. (except when working on editing jobs, which are worked on daily) I know it's said to write daily. But writing daily seems to stress me out more. I went through a period a few years ago that I wrote/edited every other day. It might have been slow moving, but I didn't feel stressed and it seemed to give my brain time to digest and move on with what I'd written, making it all fit together better.

2)  Finish Christmas Warmth. I started this in November for NaNoWriMo, and stopped with the holidays. This is a small goal, one easily reached, as there isn't much to add to the story to bring it through to a conclusion that's sitting in my mind.

3)  Get re-writes of Christmas Spirit done. There are many things that need to be added to the bones of this story, things I missed in my thinking when writing it. So, I'll need to add and adjust the story in this first pass of re-writes. It could easily take me all year with my pacing.

4)  Write a short story. I have this idea that I started to research and stopped. I want to research it again and outline it. Maybe even get to start writing it. It's a secret project but I can say it's got steampunk in it. ;)

5)  Send something to a friend. If things go well this year, I'd like to get something to a rough point to send to someone to read. This is a first for me. I've sent no words to anyone to read. I've had no faith in my words to send them out, even to a friend. I want to overcome this fear.

So that's it. I think these things will keep me busy enough for the year. What's your resolutions?

Friday, December 2, 2016

November Update:

And it was NaNoWriMo month!!

I knew going into the month that I would not start writing on the first. I was totally cool with this.

I finished up a content editing job and readied to dive into writing Christmas Warmth. I thought it would be neat to dive in while at Panera Breads, different scenery and all. Until I was sitting at Panera Breads looking through my flash drive for the document...and couldn't find it. Eep! I raced home, panicked as to where this novel could be. I looked through all my computer hard drives (one desk top and laptop again) then looked through the flash drive again, finally finding the right document. Phew! I was panicking but trying to stay calm, knowing if I let myself panic that I would not find it. The worry was that I'd set up the novel in Scrivener with lots of notes. I had taken a lot of time in making folders for chapters and placing scenes in order with details and descriptions for writing. I was worried I lost it all. But I found it!

It's been a hard month to keep up with NaNoWriMo. I didn't get writing in every day. I didn't get started until the 7th as I had pay work. Pay work always comes first, it helps keep things going around here. Then we had lots going on with Kiddo and college searches and tours along with a few events since he's a senior this year. Lots of time tied up in the traveling and such too. And we can't forget about a holiday, which I didn't get the Friday after off this year. And car issues, so I didn't get to stay home all the time as I had to pick Kiddo up or drop him off for work.

It was a bit hairy for a while. There was a time I didn't think I'd hit 50,000 words. I was okay with this too, at least I was getting words. Life kept happening. But I hate losing and was determined to hit the word count. I found an extra wind and drive to keep going. The house may have been a bit messy a few days. I may have skipped out on watching a movie. But I got those words in!

I pushed through and finished on the last day with a 3 hours to spare.

That's right! I won NaNoWriMo 2016!

Is the book done, you ask. No. Not by a long shot. I still have a few scenes to add in or add to. There are all those drafts of re-writes to be done next. So lots of work still ahead of me. But, the bones are in place to work with.

What are the plans for December? Rest. Well, not that much rest. I guess I need to get the house ready for Christmas. But in the way of writing, I want to add what I skipped over in order get done and win NaNoWriMo, those few scenes missing or missing a part. Then it's to re-writes of the first Christmas novel I have here. It's just the bare bones of a story and has a lot of work needed to fill in the gaps of things I left out when racing to write it.