Monday, March 9, 2015

January Update


Wha...? What do you mean it's February 1st!?!?! *eyes calendar*

Dang. Where is the time going?

Well, I didn't get the story done. But the good news, I'm a breath away from being done. Yes, I'm that close. I will say that I have that fine, good feeling with getting through a rough section. The last section, which I spent about 4 1/2 hours on Saturday, was a section that was completely re-done. I changed things around completely with who was doing what and when. But the fine feeling of being through that is a great one.

Words increased by:
2,851 words

This is good, seeing I only was writing a few days in the month. :/

For February I plan on finishing the few pages that's left and hope to read through it to add in the extra details I've added in my notes to complete the world.

Jackie has been tied up with lots going on in life, so hasn't been able to join us for monthly updates.

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