Monday, March 9, 2015

February Update:


Woot woot! It's February 8th and I've finished the first rough draft!!! *happy dance*

Okay, give me a moment to enjoy this. *happy dance*

Phew *wipes brow*

Okay, this has been a few years in the making. They story is just over 57k words, but it's taken a lot to get here. And I'm here. It feels great to have a rough (ROUGH) draft with the complete idea form. My goal is to read back through and drop in a few worldly items and touch up a few things, then (maybe!) I will send it to Jackie and Skyla to read (so they can laugh at me). I know there's a lot wrong with it and lots to fix up, but they will help me get it there (if it's worth it).

So for the rest of the month I spent reading, off and on, the story in Word. I have been commenting notes and adding a few things here and there. But this is to get it to a stage that it's a Rough draft and what I might need to add in to tie things together better. It's going to take me longer to get through this than I expected.

I did not get finished with the reading of the draft, but do hope so in the next month to come. We'll see what happens. ;)

670 words written to get to the rough draft.

Jackie is very busy with life happening that she's not able to join in the monthly updates. She's well, just lots going on.

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