Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Write During Holiday Season?

My over-sized Christmas tree.
It's crazy, I know. To try to snag time to write along with the hustle and bustle of the holiday decorating, visiting, shopping, planning, arguing, and gods know what else is going on. The kids, the family, the spouse, yea all of it is CRAY CRAY!

So, I thought I'd come up with a count down.

Top 5: Why I Write During the Holiday?

It's become a habit.
 photo 9bc2a784-0ec5-43bd-98bb-e7a71024cf2c_zpscd2cece6.jpgEspecially on the heels of NaNoWriMo with ideas sparking away. Yes, I feel I need to write on a regular basis to keep it going. I want to keep going. I will write. I feel this is rather important, for me at least. I need to keep the juices flowing. Of course there are days that I run out of time, but my goal is to write daily.

I am determined to fight through the chaos and keep at it. If I stop, as life did get over complicated earlier this year and I quite a lot of things, I very well may not get back to the habit.

I WILL FIGHT THROUGH. *huh* *Muscle flex* Ouch.

I have a story idea...
...that is scratching at the inside of my brain to get out. It's so. The ideas don't take holidays off, they come anytime they hit. So, I HAVE to run with it! It seems the head is ready to explode with all the words wanting to come out.

It can be an inspiring time.
Seeing all these people and the crazy things they do, yes, highly inspiring to people watch. Also, the holidays bring out different feelings as we go through the month. I want to use those feelings in writing.

To keep me sane.
Yes, sounds impossible but, it's true. In all the insanity around why not go to my happy place? The stress of dealing with gift shopping, crowds, wrapping, kids, cooking, family...yeah, you name it, it's all wrapped up in a tight little package that's ready to explode... I need that happy place!

I get to kill people!
Ch, ch, ch... Ch, ch, ch...

Okay, so this current work for me doesn't leave a huge opening for death, but it does leave an opening to let them ache a bit. So, you know that woman that cut me off for the parking space? That teenage kid that ran right into me and didn't even have the courtesy to say 'excuse me' or 'sorry'. Yep. They all get written into my story and fall to a terrible tragedy...or slip on the sidewalk. Bahahaha....
Found on Lisa Kovanda's Facebook page

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